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Itza Gud!

Free Giveaways And An Awesome Community!

Itza Gud

Join Da HitSquad

Hello!  Its The Godfather here and I want to invite you to come hang out and have some fun!  I stream Mon-Sat 6am-11am PST.  You can collect channel points and redeem for free games, participate in boss fights and receive game rewards, collect chat drops, participate in instant raffles and more!


Itza Gud

Giveaways, raffles, bundles, and more on the HitSquad website and stream.  Stop by daily for awesome new stuff.


Itza Gud Group

Join the group for chat drops and more gud stuff.


Visit The Stream

The HitSquadGodfather stream is the best place to get free games all the time.  tons of ways to get games all easy all fun!

Treasure Box

All The Time

New Giveaways all the time drop in grab free stuff ITZA GUD

Collect Instant Giveaways

Itza Gud Giveaways right here on the HitSquad website!


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